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Section: High level matrix functions

Name: read_fmat

Read a float matrix in fortran format from a file.
This function reads a float vector or matrix (2 dim) from a file in fortran format. Either the target matrix is allocated automatically with sizes determined by the file header (first line), or an already allocated matrix can be provided with the mat argument. The header in the file is necessary in the first case, optional in the second case.
[ ?mat:(float, 'a, 'b) Matrix.t ] =
?mat:(float, 'a, 'b) Matrix.t list

The header can be discarded if the header argument is set to false.
[] let f = fmatrix ~dim:[5;3] ~rand:[1.0] () ;; 
[] write_fmat "test.dat" f () ;; 
[] let fr = read_fmat "test.dat" () ;; 

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