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Section: Plot functions (1 independent dimension)

Name: plot_polar

Polar plot of one or more datasets y(x) and function plots f(x).
In contrast to the plot2d function, this function provides a polar plot frame. This reduces the x range to degree or radians ranges. But all other arguments from the plot2d function have nearly the same meaning. See plot2d for more details.
Additional arguments:

The unit argument controlls the unit of the x axis or xrange argument:
type polarunit = 
	 Rad | 	 (* angles in radians : 0..2pi *) 
	 Deg | 	 (* angles in degree : 0..360 degrees*) 

and the plane argument controlls the kind of polar plane:
type polarplane = 
	 Full | 	 (* draw only the half plane 0..pi/0..180 deg *) 

A logarithm scaled x axis is of course not supported, but a logarithm scaled y can be set with the axis argument.
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