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Section: High level matrix functions

Name: cabsmat

Transform a complex matrix in a complex absoulte float matrix.
For each element of the complex matrix a the complex absolute value is calculated and stored in the new allocated matrix b .

[ b:(float, 'a, 'b) Matrix.t ] = cabsmat
a:(Complex.t, 'a, 'b) Matrix.t

[] let c = cmatrix ~dim:[5;3] ~rand:[1.0] ();; 
val c : (Complex.t, '_a, '_b) Matrix.t = <abstr> 
[] let f = cabsmat c ;; 
val f : (float, '_a, '_b) Matrix.t = <abstr> 
[] let f = !<||> c ;; 	 (* shortcut *) 
val f : (float, '_a, '_b) Matrix.t = <abstr> 

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