PsiLAB Help Manual Page

Section: Help system

Name: helpkey

Search the help list for a keyword.
All help names are printed matching the keyword.

The user can choice from the list of all matching help pages. The desired help page is then printed to the help device.
[] helpkey "matrix" ;; 
All help pages matching matrix: 

1. fmatrix_of_image 
2. imatrix_of_image 
3. matrix_window 
4. matrix_sub 
5. matrix_copy 
6. cmatrix_get_byname 
7. cmatrix_byname 
8. cmatrix 
9. imatrix_get_byname 
10. imatrix_byname 
11. imatrix 
12. fmatrix_get_byname 
13. fmatrix_byname 
14. fmatrix 

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