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Section: Nonlinear least square fit

Name: gaussfit

Perform a gaussfit on a one dimensional dataset.
[ Slow and obsolete version. Use the Fit module instead. ]
This function fits the four parameter of the gauss function
f(x,pa) = pa 1 + pa 2 * exp ( - pa 3 * (x - ps 4 )**2.0)

in respect to the given dataset y(x),x and optionally the deviation of the dataset sig(x).

x:(float, 'a, 'b) Matrix.t
y:(float, 'a, 'b) Matrix.t
?sigv:(float, 'c, 'd) Matrix.t list
-> param fit :(float, 'e, 'f) Matrix.t * chisq:float * param sig (float, 'g, 'h) Matrix.t

The nlsfit functions is used for the nonlinear fit.
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