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Section: Basic Matrix functions

Name: cmatrix_get_byname

Get a matrix by name
This function concatenates an already allocated matrix (with the cmatrix_byname function) with a Psilab (Caml) variable, identified by a unique name string.
[ mat:(Complex.t, 'a, 'b) Matrix.t ] = cmatrix_get_byname
?fill:Complex.t list
?rand:float list
?copy:(Complex.t, 'a, 'b) Matrix.t list
?const:'a list

The fill list argument can be used to fill the matrix with a constant value. The rand list argument initializes all matrix elements with a random number, those maximal value is determined by this argument. The copy list argument can be used to copy the content of another matrix to this matrix. And finally, the const list argument can be used to initialite this matrix with a constant vectors. The complex elements are written as tuples (re,im).
See also cmatrix_byname.
(* allocate a new matrix named "mymatrix" *) 
[] cmatrix_byname ~dim:[100;100] ~create:["mymatrix"] ();; 
[] let iv () = 
	 (* cmat gets the matrix *) 
	 let cmat = cmatrix_get_byname "mymatrix" () in 
(* if the matrix is no longer used: *) 
[] cmatrix_byname ~destroy:["mymatrix"] () ;; 

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